We offer a complete range of services, if you don't see what you need just let us know!

Safety - $59

As our most basic service, the safety service is perfect for someone either selling their bike or just bought a used one. It covers shifting adjustments, braking adjustments, torquing down bolts, headset adjustments, and other safety related items. Labor is not included if anything needs to be replaced like a chain, shifter cable, or brake pads.

Signature - $89

The signature service covers everything in the safety service but also includes a wheel true and a good wipe down of everything on the bike. Labor is included on anything that needs to be replaced - this excludes spoke replacement.

Pro - $149

The pro service covers everything included with a signature service and also includes a good grease removal from the bike. For example, degreasing the cassette, chain rings, pulley wheels, etc. It also includes dropping the fork to clean and grease the headset and greasing the bottom bracket if there is any excessive creaking.

Overhaul - $249

Includes everything listed above as well as taking the whole frame apart, greasing frame bolts and suspension linkage, and making the bike feel brand new. For an additional $140, we will take the fork and shock apart and do a basic seals service.